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5 Decorative Ways To Display Your Unity Sand

Posted by Emma Johnson on 11/28/2017 to Wedding Sand Ceremony

During your unity sand ceremony, it's probably more practical for the sand to be poured into a simple vase.  But now, after the vows have been exchanged and things have settled down, it's your chance to create a more permanent design for your unity sand.

The question is how to display your unity sand in a beautiful way to remember the sweet memories of that day?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1.  Engraved Picture Frame

There are really pretty glass picture frames available to display your unity sand.  These pictures frames can be engraved with names, the special date and even a special sentiment.  

Of course, choosing your favorite photo from the ceremony is important so that everything all comes together in one nice display.  

Behind your picture and engraved words is the unity sand as the perfect backdrop to tie it all in together.

2. Terrarium

If you're into plants, a terrarium is a wonderful way to display unity sand.

Place the unity sand on the bottom of the glass container and insert various types of live plants.  The roots of the plants can be placed into watering tubes or wrapped in burlap.

Choosing plants such as small cactuses is perfect because they don't require a great deal of watering.  That way, you need not worry about disturbing the unity sand.  

If you don't have anything near a green thumb, you can substitute artificial plants.  There are very life-life looking artificial plants these days, so the display won't give away your secret.

The contrast between the unity sand and live plants is a stunning way to bring life and purpose to the end result.

3.  Holiday Ornaments

At any local hobby store, pick up plain glass or plastic ornaments.  

This is a really fun way to display the unity sand because everyone involved in the ceremony can customize their own holiday ornament with their name and a special sentiment.  

Simply pour the unity sand into the empty ornament and decorate with a pretty ribbon for hanging.  

If smaller is more your style, the unity sand can be poured into multiple empty ornaments and placed in a larger vase for display.

Every year, the memories of your unity sand ceremony are sure to add even more special meaning to the holidays.

4.  Glass Bottles

You've probably seen those "ship in a bottle" displays at some point, and by simply modifying this idea, it's possible to create an extremely unique design.  

Pour the unity sand inside the glass bottle.  From there, you can add a ship, tiny shells or tiny stamp-size pictures of the ceremony inside for a very creative and lovely way to showcase unity sand.  

This type of display would look stunning on a bookshelf or cocktail table, and would definitely be a conversation starter.

5.  Outdoor Lanterns

Transform a very plain mason jar into a beautiful unity sand display.  Add the unity sand to the bottom of a mason jar about half way, after installing a simple, solar-powered twinkling light inside.  

A small piece of lace can go under the lid, and very simple wire adorned with beads goes on the outside.  

These lanterns add a very special ambiance to an outdoor party or just kicking back on the deck at the end of a long day.

The wonderful thing about displaying unity sand is that it's personal and only limited by your imagination and creativity.  

The one thing you surely want to do is to display the unity sand as a testimony of the love infused in your home.  

Making it a part of your home design is not only unique, but it's a way to start those family traditions and the many new memories you'll make for years to come.