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Sand Ceremony Kit

Putting together the perfect Sand ceremony Kit

Opting to perform a modern wedding sand ceremony is an exceptional alternative to the outdated unity candle ceremony. Preparing for a wedding sand ceremony is easier than one would first think; with retailers offering a variety of prepared wedding sand ceremony kits all the bride and groom have to do is make an informed decision on what kit provides what they need to make their sand ceremony a memorable event.

What is Included in a Complete Kit

A typical complete wedding sand ceremony kit consists of two to three pouring vases. The amount of the pouring vases depends on whether or not you would like to include the officiant of your wedding into the ceremony. If the officiant is involved they will usually pour a bit of white or black sand as the spiritual foundation of the bride and groom’s keepsake vase.

The next and most sentimental component of the wedding sand ceremony kit is the larger vase which is used to hold the combined colored sand that represents the couple’s unity. This vase will be the treasured keepsake of the bride and groom to remind them of their bonded matrimony. On average a couple can have their larger wedding sand vessel engraved with either their names and date of marriage or a saying that brings special fondness to them both.

Without a doubt the main crucial element of a wedding sand ceremony kit is the colored wedding sand itself. If you are receiving a kit with a three pouring vase set make sure that you order three different colored sands. Likewise with the two pouring vase sets should come with two individual colored sands.

Good Color Combinations

Most retail sellers of wedding sand ceremony kits will let you hand pick the colored sand that you would like to use for your kits. But, if you are having a difficult time deciding which colors go most complementary together and are not concerned if the colored sand matches your chosen wedding colors many retailers offer suitable color sets for their customers to decide from.

Always a great choice for a color combination would be the actually colors used for the wedding ceremony. This is because both the bride and the groom find these shades aesthetically pleasing enough to use them in their nuptials and it provides a cohesive quality.

Though, if you are looking for different colors that represent something that you are both fond of, other sand hues can be chosen. For instance, if the bride and groom are both lovers of the sea and/or are having a beach wedding a wonderful color combination would be an azure blue and sea green. For those couples who enjoy earthy natural tones that inspire an eco friendly appeal, they can use un-dyed sand since sand comes in various colors naturally. Alternatively, if the bride and groom are devoted sports fans that can incorporate the colors of their favorite team to add a touch of individuality to the wedding sand ceremony.

What the Colors Represent

Each individual must have their own color of sand when the take part in the wedding sand ceremony. The distinct sand hue is representative of that person and the layering of their color with that of the other participants signifies how enmeshed they are in the lives of those other individuals.

While white or black frequently is representative of the officiant who presided of the ceremony, each color can have its own unique meaning to the bride, groom, and any other participants. Colors that have meaning to each person should be chosen to ensure that the wedding sand ceremony vase is a true indicator of the meaningful bond of everyone involved.

How Much Sand is needed?

The amount of sand that you will need to carry out a wedding sand ceremony will entirely depend upon how many individuals will be taking part in the unity ritual and the size of your keepsake vase. The vessels that hold the combined unity sand usually run between 2 lbs – 6 lbs capacity, and the retailer will list this detail on the informational page for the consideration of potential buyers. For each separate pouring vase one pound of colored sand is sufficient. The more people you have participating in the ceremony the more sand that you will have leftover in each respective pouring vase, given that your vase pound capacity is less than the number of people partaking.

Types of Vases

Wedding sand ceremony vases come in a plethora of sizes, styles, and accompaniments; when first deciding on the type of vase the bride and groom should have an idea of how many people will be contributing with their own colored sand to the keepsake vase. Having enough room to create a cohesive entwinement of sand is important, as there should be visible layers of each sand hue.

Once a necessary capacity size has been determined, the bride and groom should consider what style of vase appeals to them aesthetically since this will be an item that will be kept by them for years to come and will likely be displayed prominently in their home. Retailers often offer keepsake vases that range from simple and sleek to elegant and dazzling, ensuring that there is a style to suit anyone’s tastes. Furthermore, vases can be engraved to add an extra touch of uniqueness to the vessel.

Additionally, some larger vases come as a set with accompanying pouring vases that match in harmony with that of the keepsake vessel. When choosing the set option couples should make sure that there are enough pouring vases included in the set to suit their ceremony needs.