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Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists

The anniversary traditions that you develop early on in your marriage will grow into a custom that allows you to recognize the growth and milestones you pass each year.  The particular items tied with traditional and modern anniversary gift recommendations are romantic ways to show your love for your spouse and your commitment to a lasting marriage.  Finally, having a guidepost for each year also makes it much easier to choose gifts when each anniversary comes!

The tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your wedding anniversaries. Both the traditional and modern gift suggestions are available.  Check out each year and the suggestions and gift ideas that will make each year a celebration of your marriage together!

Years Celebrating                          Traditional                Modern

1st Wedding Anniversary               Paper                         Clocks

2nd Wedding Anniversary              Cotton                       China

3rd Wedding Anniversary               Leather                     Crystal/Glass

4th Wedding Anniversary               Fruit/Flowers             Linen/Silk/Nylon

5th Wedding Anniversary               Wood                         Silverware

6th Wedding Anniversary               Candy/Iron                Iron/Wood

7th Wedding Anniversary               Wool/Copper             Brass

8th Wedding Anniversary               Bronze/Pottery          Linens/Lace

9th Wedding Anniversary               Pottery/Willow           Leather

10th Wedding Anniversary             Tin/Aluminum           Diamond

11th Wedding Anniversary             Steel                           Fashion Jewelry

12th Wedding Anniversary             Silk/Linen                  Pearls

13th Wedding Anniversary             Lace                           Textiles/Furs

14th Wedding Anniversary             Ivory                            Gold Jewelry

15th Wedding Anniversary             Crystal                       Glass

20th Wedding Anniversary             China                         Platinum

25th Wedding Anniversary             Silver                          Silver

30th Wedding Anniversary             Pearl                          Diamond

35th Wedding Anniversary             Coral                          Jade

40th Wedding Anniversary             Ruby                           Garnet

45th Wedding Anniversary             Sapphire                   Sapphire

50th Wedding Anniversary             Gold                           Gold

55th Wedding Anniversary             Emerald                    Emerald

60th Wedding Anniversary             Diamond                   Gold

75th Wedding Anniversary             Diamond                   Gold